About us

Concept was rolled out in the year 1986 by Omprakash Sharma & his brother's from Santacruz (W); started serving Sandwiches. Over the years it has earned a countless recognitation and built up a very highly satisfied Customer base across the country and also visiting NRI’s.

Having perfected the art of making chutneys, stuffings and assembling Sandwiches; they were thinking of taking the concept from semi organized model to organized and highly scalable business model.

In 2007; Amit Saraf, Sachin Lele and Uday Lokras approached Omprakash Sharma and presented him a well designed idea, strategy and plan to take their concept to well organized and highly scalable QSR business model across India and Overseas.

This association resulted in a vision and Swastik Foodmart Pvt. Ltd. was formed on 8th August 2007; where a new team from across diverse experience joined hands in taking the brand Sandwizzaa forward to next level. Pankaj Sharma younger son of Omprakash Sharma later joined the team to provide his operational and manufacturing expertise